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Psychologist Piritta Anias

Masters: 1) Psychology, 2) Languages (German, French) with pedagogic studies.
University of Tampere, studied 1993-1999. Specialised in occupational health care.

More about Piritta in a nutshell

Lived in Germany for a few years as an adolescent. Has work experience also in family counselling, human resources, suitability assessment and school psychology. Has also some experience in child welfare.

Appointments and psychological tests available for children, adolescents and adults. Appointments available for couples and families also.

There are many reasons to seek for psychological assistance and evaluation. For example different kinds of anxiety, burn out and depression symptoms, changes in personal or in work life,
addictions, behavioral problems, eating disorders, challenges in cultural integration and problems at daycare or at school can have a negative impact on the quality of life. When having difficulties in
understanding and solving the problem by oneself, it can be enlightening and useful to search for psychological support.

Psychologists as health care professionals are bound to professional secrecy with regard to all information gained in the therapy.

In Finland, concerning the healt care services, the units of the patient and/or client data obtained must be declared in the form of a data file (in Finnish:”Rekisteriseloste”). The data file informs the
reason and purpose for the units of patient and/or client information gathered, for example “name”
and “address”. The data file contains no personal information. See also Rekisteriseloste/ Data file

Tips for reserving an appointment:

The appointment time varies from 60 min to 3 hours, depending on the purpose of the appointment. The longest appointment is usually reserved for testing purposes only. The duration
of the first appointment usually is 60 min.

If you wish to reserve an appointment for a child, it is preferable that you accompany him/her when arriving at the first appointment. For couples: please consider reserving a two hour appointment.

Appointments available at: